Custom design and build pieces

Let your creativity collide with our craftsmanship

A customised piece of furniture or décor requires both aesthetic and functionality to co-exist. With one or the other leading charge, the final product will always be lacking. It’s this symbiotic relationship that guides our experienced craftsmen to create one of a kind pieces, perfect for your event or business.

At Heart String Hire and Style, we specialise in unique timber-built props and furnishings for the events industry, while also lending our craftsmen skills to home interior design and custom workplace fit-outs. This means that a day in the workshop could teeter between a morning constructing a customised wedding arbour and an afternoon finalising a studio work-bench. The variety of our builds is a point of pride for this arm of our business as we continue to expand our portfolio of custom pieces; from marketing stall fit-outs, to wedding archways, custom bars, and lecterns. If there’s something that you need built for your event, home, or workplace, contact our custom craftsmen.

Collaborating our way through each build

When we are creating a customised piece for your event, home, or office; you become part of the team. It’s with your vision and unique requirements that we are guided through the building process. It all begins with an initial meeting where we bring all ideas and needs to the table.

Pinterest board? Yes, please.


Measurements of the space? That would be ideal.

Event information such as location, date, and even colour pallet? Yes!

Coffee? Mandatory.

Playing for keeps?

With all of our custom pieces, you have a choice to purchase the final product or hire it for your event. If you choose to hire your unique creation, we will add it to our inventory of hire items once your event is wrapped up. These two options give you flexibility of choice, ensuring that our custom pieces are possible for all types of events - you don’t always have to play for keeps.



Begin your enquiry

All of our work is based on practicality, unique aesthetic, and longevity. Our promise of unique quality over mass-production means that your piece will uphold the challenges of being packed, transported, assembled, dismantled, and stored on a daily basis. The quality of your final piece is something that we are very proud of – our workshop is full of our client’s dreams and we hold that with the highest esteem.

Click here to go to our contact page and fill out the enquiry form. This will give us some initial details on your requirements as each quote is unique, just like the final product.

Some important points to note

• No copy-cat rule – This means we don’t build direct copies from other local company’s products.

• We don’t build multiple pieces for other hire companies. We stick to our one-of-a-kind promise.

• We will not duplicate or replicate any of Heart Strings Hire and Style’s current inventory of hire items.


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